WIP Presentation Instructions

5-Minute Postcard Sessions for “Work-In-Progress” (WIP) Papers.

Instructions for Authors

As promised, FIE will use a non-traditional format for WIP papers.  Authors will be able to take advantage of the format to gather feedback and ideas for their current projects.

The session will have 2 distinct components

PART 1: 5-minute “postcard” presentations by 10 presenters.
Presenters will have 5 minutes total to introduce themselves and overview their work using the 2-slide postcard presentation slide template provided. During the 5-minute presentation there are no questions or answers (Q&As). All Q&A will be during the poster display time.

PART 2: Poster Session.
Presenters will display visuals/poster and answer questions of those who come talk with them.

PLEASE READ the following instructions:

  1. Use the Power Point template to create your postcard presentation. You may color it differently, use different fonts, insert images, etc., but keep the size of the postcard slides as they are. Also, you CAN ONLY use 2 SLIDES (not 1 or 3)….2!
  2. The purpose of the postcard presentation (2 slides) is to give yourself the opportunity to provide an overview of your actual poster (an elevator pitch) to the session attendees.  Be sure to put out the questions that might entice people to meet with you.
  3. You will have exactly 5 minutes and the 2 postcard presentation slides to make your pitch.  We understand that 6 minutes will not provide sufficient time to present all the details of the work. Instead, we encourage you to focus on aspects of your work’s progress and findings to date that will spark further conversation in the rest of the session. (It is recommended that you NOT attempt to put your entire poster on the 2 slides, people will not be able to read it). You SHOULD put enough information on the slides to make people want to come talk to you during the poster display portion of the session. Whether you are finished or not, at the end of your 5 minutes, we will move on.
  4. Create a poster no larger than 4’x4’. The poster can be smaller or you can choose to print out multiple PowerPoint slides or have no visuals. The design of your “poster” will be at your discretion. But if you want people to talk to you during this portion of the session, you may need a visual to refer to discuss your session.
  5. At the session, we will have tape for you to tape your poster (or whatever you bring) to the wall or to present at a table.
  6. IMPORTANT: upload your postcard Power Point to EDAS no later than Midnight, Eastern time, Wednesday, September 26. This deadline is important, because the moderator will merge all the slides into one slide set for the session. If you include more than 2 slides, the moderator will cut your presentation to 2 slides.
  7. Be sure to arrive at the session early. By arriving early, you will have enough time to check that the moderator has your slides and you have time to display your visuals before the session starts.

Please note:

-You are required to print and bring the poster yourself. 

- The PowerPoint presentation may have animations and timers, however, only 2 slides are allowed, and you must remain in the 5 minute time limit. No exceptions.