PhD Student Symposium Guidelines

Goal and Scope

The goal of the FIE 2018 Doctoral symposium (DS) is to create a forum for PhD students working on conceptual foundations, learning and teaching techniques, research methods and tools in the area of engineering and computing education research. It will provide participants with an opportunity to present and discuss their research with senior researchers in a constructive and friendly atmosphere. Experts in Computing and Engineering Education Research will provide students with feedback on their research, allowing students to ask questions about how they can overcome obstacles or enhance their current research proposals.

The scope of research topics of the DS is the same as for the main conference. Therefore, we welcome submissions related to educational issues and innovations in computing and engineering at the graduate, undergraduate and pre-college levels. The theme for 2018 is Fostering Innovation Through Diversity. In addition to the traditional FIE topics, we are open to submissions on the following themes: diversity/equity/inclusion in engineering/computing, encouraging and teaching innovation, innovation in software engineering education, upward mobility, and EPICS/service-learning.


The symposium is designed primarily for students who are currently enrolled in the early to mid-stages of doctoral studies with a focus on computing or engineering education research. Students who are considering doctoral studies and who have identified a field of research may apply as well.

Content and Approach

The symposium will be run in an interactive style, with opportunities for students to present and discuss their work, both with peers and with discussants (as experienced academics) who will also provide constructive critique. All participants should be fully committed to one another’s success and be prepared to give honest and helpful feedback to their peers during the symposium sessions. So the more thought that participants have put into their preparation, the more scope there is for feedback to be given. It is intended that participants will leave with a clearer set of ideas, a more fully developed research design or plan and constructive responses to any burning questions relating to their theses. Candidates will be encouraged to consider a publishing plan to accompany their thesis studies.


Each applicant should submit a document (3 pages), which includes the following information:

  • A cover page with details of the applicant including: name, institution, email address, phone, which year in PhD, advisor's name, title of doctoral project.
  • A brief background of the applicant including information about previous studies, motivation for doctoral study, publications if any, and possible teaching experience or pedagogical studies;
  • A summary of his / her research (current or proposed), including research questions, methodologies used or planned, and possible results obtained;
  • At least two questions related to the research that the applicant would like to discuss and get feedback at the doctoral symposium, either on the applicant’s work or on the process of undertaking doctoral studies.

Presentation and publication of research proposal

On the day that the symposium meets, each student will display and present a paper copy of a research poster, which is expected to follow the International Standards Organization (ISO) poster size format (A1) in portrait or landscape orientation. Each presentation during the doctoral symposium should take approximately 10 minutes. There will be a further 5 - 10 minutes dedicated to discussions, questions and feedback from assigned peers and the DC members.


Dr. Tony Clear, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand 
Dr. P.K. Imbrie, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 

Venue and Pricing

The Doctoral symposium will be held at the FIE2018 Conference venue on Wednesday October 3rd as a pre-conference event. Participation is $25.00 for students registering for the FIE2018 Doctoral symposium. . Students, may register through the conference site registration page Lunch and coffee is offered.