May 2nd Submission Instructions

Please follow the six steps below to submit your paper for double blind peer review.

1. Sign up to be a reviewer for FIE 2018.  

Authors are expected to review at least two papers for the conference.  To sign up as a reviewer, send an email to Cynda Covert.

2. Carefully consider the guidelines and review criteria for your submission

When preparing your paper, please note that there are different review criteria for the different paper categories, as well as review criteria for Panels and Special Sessions.

Submission Type

Submission Guidelines & Review Criteria

Full Paper or Work In Progress Paper                                     

Special Session




3. Prepare the  manuscript using the paper templates linked below.

Paper Template

IEEE Paper Template FAQ

REMEMBER: the final version of a full paper CANNOT EXCEED 8 PAGES, with an additional 1 page of acknowledgments and references, and the final version of a WIP CANNOT EXCEED 4 pages, with an additional 1 page of acknowledgments and references. NO EXCEPTION IS ALLOWED.

4. Prepare the manuscript for double blind review

The FIE 2018 peer review process will be double blind. Peer reviewers will not see author identities, and authors will not see the identities of the reviewers. Author names and institutions should be NOT be included in the review manuscript. However, each author should be included in the separate EDAS paper record, with the appropriate affiliation.

Due to the double-blind review process, please make sure that any documents submitted for review do not contain ANY personally identifiable information (i.e., name, affiliation, email address, phone numbers, ASEE or IEEE member number, etc.), as the tracking will be done anonymously by EDAS. ONLY the final, formatted Final Manuscript should contain personal information, not the draft submission. If you have questions regarding what is and is not personally identifiable information, please contact Cynda Covert, the FIE 2018 Publications Manager.

Tips for double-blind compliant manuscripts:

  • Remove any identifying information, including author names, from file names and ensure document properties are also anonymized.
  • Use the third person to refer to work the Authors have previously undertaken, e.g. replace any phrases like “as we have shown before” with “… has been shown before [Anonymous, 2007]” .
  • Make sure figures do not contain any affiliation related identifier
  • Do not eliminate essential self-references or other references but limit self-references only to papers that are relevant for those reviewing the submitted paper.
  • Cite papers published by the Author in the text as follows:  ‘[Anonymous, 2007]’.
  • For blinding in the reference list:  ‘[Anonymous 2007] Details omitted for double-blind reviewing.’
  • Remove references to funding sources
  • Do not include acknowledgments

When uploading your review manuscript to EDAS, you will receive 1 or more of the following errors if your manuscript is NOT double-blind compliant:

  • authorname: Author name is visible, even though conference is double-blind.
  • authormeta: Author name is in meta information, event though conference is double-blind.

Please correct the errors in your manuscript and re-upload the corrected manuscript to the system. You may re-upload a changed manuscript until the review manuscript deadline.

5.  Submit the electronic version of the manuscript through EDAS by May 2, 2018

  1. Log in to EDAS.

  2. Upload your paper  - Click the My Papers tab. Click the upload icon (third column from the right) and a dialog box will open that will enable you to select and upload your paper via the web or via FTP.

  3. Check author names and affiliations in EDAS database - Make sure ALL authors that will appear on your final paper, are assigned as authors on the paper in the EDAS database. Make sure that all names and affiliations match what is on your paper EXACTLY.

  4. Update the Abstract field in EDAS with the initial abstract portion of your draft manuscript. Click the Edit icon in the Abstract row in your manuscript view to update your abstract. Make sure that abstract in the EDAS database matches EXACTLY to the abstract in the draft manuscript .Please note that the abstract of the PDF review manuscript is limited to 200 words.

  5. Select at least one topic for your submission. Please consider your topics carefully.  The first topic listed will be used to put your paper in a track with papers of similar topics.



Contact the FIE 2018 Publications Administrator:

Cynda Covert

Conference Catalysts, LLC