July 9th Submission Instructions

Please follow the six steps below to submit your final manuscript for publication in the FIE 2018 proceedings.

1.  Register Online

At least one author MUST register at the full (i.e. $500+) rate by July 9, 2018 for your paper to be included in the proceedings. Student fees do not ensure publication of a paper - no exceptions.


*PUBLICATION POLICY: FIE expects paper authors or a designated alternate to register and present their paper at the conference. Papers not presented at the conference will normally be removed from the conference record including all online proceedings databases.

2. Carefully consider and address peer reviewer suggestions.   If your paper required major revisions, in addition to submitting a revised final document, please prepare a statement indicating how you addressed each of the reviewer’s comments.  If your paper does not address the comments in a satisfactory way, your final paper will not be accepted.   

3. Prepare the final version of the manuscript using the paper templates linked below.

Paper Templates

REMEMBER: the final version of a full paper CANNOT EXCEED 8 PAGES, with 1 additional page of references, and the final version of a WIP CANNOT EXCEED 4 pages, with 1 additional page of references. NO EXCEPTION IS ALLOWED. Please do not include 'WIP' or 'Work in Progress' in the title of your final manuscript. It is no longer a requirement for FIE.

4. Include all final author names and affiliations.  

Now that your paper has been accepted, be sure to review your final document and include all the correct author names, citations, references and affiliations.  The following checklist may be useful.  

  • Search through the document and remove third person references to your own work e.g. include phrases like “as we have shown before” and replace citations (and affiliated references)  such as [Anonymous, 2007]” .
  • Make sure figures include necessary affiliation related identifiers
  • Update all citations such as ‘[Anonymous, 2007]’ with the correct information.
  • Update all references :  ‘[Anonymous 2007] Details omitted for double-blind reviewing.’ with the correct information.
  • Include relevant references to funding sources
  • Include acknowledgments

5. An electronic version of the manuscript must be generated for the conference proceedings.

Before generating the electronic version of the manuscript, authors should ensure that the manuscript is formatted as specified in the  paper template. . The final paper should not contain headers, footers or page numbers. Regardless of its initial format, the file containing the final version of the paper must be transformed in the PDF format using the IEEE PDF express web tool. PDF files generated by means of other tools are not acceptable.

To generate the IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file of your final manuscript, follow the steps used when generating the pdf of your previous review manuscript:

To generate the IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file of your paper, follow these steps:

  1. Create your IEEE PDF eXpress account by going to: http://www.pdf-express.org and using Conference ID: 38866x .   
    The first time you access the system, please follow the link for New Users.
    Please note that, in order to access the service, you need to allow the use of cookies from the PDF eXpress website.    

  2. Upload the source file (containing your review manuscript) for conversion, once you are registered as a user.

  3. Receive by e-mail the IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF of your paper after you have uploaded your source file. This IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file is ready for upload to EDAS

4.  Upload the electronic version of the final manuscript complete the presenter's biography form, and submit the copyright form through EDAS by July 9, 2018.

  1. Log in to EDAS once you receive your Xplore compatible PDF.

  2. Upload your paper  - Click the My Papers tab. Click the upload icon (third column from the right) and a dialog box will open that will enable you to select and upload your paper via the web or via FTP.

  3. Check author names and affiliations in EDAS database - Make sure ALL authors that will appear on your final paper, are assigned as authors on the paper in the EDAS database. Make sure that all names and affiliations match what is on your paper EXACTLY.

  4. Update the Abstract field in EDAS with the initial abstract portion of your draft manuscript. Click the Edit icon in the Abstract row in your manuscript view to update your abstract. Make sure that abstract in the EDAS database matches EXACTLY to the abstract in the draft manuscript .Please note that the abstract of the PDF review manuscript is limited to 200 words

  5. Select at least one topic for your submission. Please consider your topics carefully.  The first topic  listed will be used to put your paper in a track with papers of similar topics..

    The IEEE is enforcing strict copyright rules. For your convenience, the copyright form is made available electronically through EDAS. To access the copyright form, click on the 'My Papers' tab and then click on the copyright icon under the copyright column.
    Note: US Government copyrights are only to be used by authors employed by the US government.

    Authors who are not authorized to sign a copyright transfer form, should download the paper version of a copyright transfer form, fill it in, and ask an authorized person to sign it. Then, send the completed form to the FIE 2018 Publications Administrator by fax: +1 (352) 872 5545.

  7. Prepare the presenter's biography form.
    Please declare who will be presenting the paper at the conference on EDAS. To do this, click the 'My Papers' tab, click on your paper title, and then click the Change/Add icon in the Presenter row. Indicate who will present the paper and click Choose presenter. Presenters must fill out a short bio (50 word max) on EDAS by going to the ‘My Profile’ tab and filling in the information in the ‘Brief bio’ field. Information in this form will be used by the session chairperson to introduce the presenter.


If authors would like to post their papers electronically on any website, any ftp site, or any other electronic dissemination technique, they must include the IEEE Copyright notice on the initial screen displaying the IEEE-copyrighted material.


Contact the FIE 2018 Publications Administrator:

Cynda Covert

Conference Catalysts, LLC